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Jump 5-10 inches higher, develop quicker feet and improve your balance by 50%

World's Only Calf Isolator!

The Sky-King Will Get You In The Air......

But You Are Responsible For Landing!


Jump Higher, Run Faster in 7 days!  Increase Balance (proprioception) by 50% the Safe way! Get the Super Stretch every athlete needs Safely and with Control!  Increase your Foot Quickness and Ankle strength virtually overnight!


We have challenged the Jumpsole, Strength Shoe and the Sky Flex people to take on the Sky-King in an independent study for the past 7 years.............. Still no answer from them yet!  
Get the Real Story on the platform shoe workout here
(Peak Performance website)

Develop a Vertical Jump like Vince Carter.  Do it the Smart way!  Build explosive Calf Muscles and have Foot Quickness you never dreamed possible!  Dunk the ball with Authority and have the lower body Flexibility it takes to compete, no matter what level you play on!  Strengthen the Knee Joints with the toes-in workout.  Enhance any Plyometrics you do (in regular shoes).

The Sky-King is not just for players, please read on...

We have shipped units to instructors of the Boston Ballet, world class Dance instructors, and Ice Skaters.  We have supplied Rehab clinics and doctors of Chiropractic as well as the NASA Space Program.  These people know a good thing when they see it!  Please read the How and Why it works pages, this is the Real thing!

For Shin Splints and more Ankle strength please click on the Ankle/Shin Isolator to the left.  We Build only one-of-a-kind patented equipment for the wisest of athletes!!!

Ladies! Develop long, slender, defined calves.
It is our goal to get this information to every serious athlete in the world! It's not a calf raise, or anything like it! Super stretch to the hamstrings and Achilles tendon, and lower back muscles... total isolation, and progressive resistance to the Gastroc, Soleus, and Plantaris muscles.





We challenge the Strength Shoe, Jumpsole, Skyflex, and Air Alert companies to take part in a study. We will even pay for it! 

Proven Results

10-15 minutes every other day is all it takes!
You will never outgrow the Sky-King Calf Isolator!

Benefits of using the Sky-King Calf Isolator over similar workout equipment.

  • Faster Results
  • Ease of Use
  • Time spent on your verticals and foot work.
  • Intensity of Workout
  • Body ShotDevelopment of the Plantaris muscle, for knee strength and lateral quickness
  • Area needed for a workout (use it anywhere!)
  • Safety of workout!
  • Increased Verticals
  • Stronger, quicker feet
  • No special shoes
  • No impact
  • Fits all athletes 5'2" - 7'2" tall
  • Portable
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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